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As a top-tier custom database development company, we provide an extensive array of IT services to deliver efficient data management and storage solutions for your business.

database consulting

Our database developers assist you in defining database functionality and guide clients according to your requirements after consecutive consultations, culminating in developing the business case.


Our team of designers recognizes the uniqueness of every organization and its data. Therefore, they utilize customized solutions for each client to preserve that uniqueness, promote business goals, and facilitate growth.

database development

We employ a comprehensive database development process that encompasses solution provision, project planning, third-party integrations, and ongoing database management for our clients.


We aid businesses in optimizing their business landscape by modernizing and upgrading through database migration, enhancing work efficiency. Seamlessly migrate your business data and applications from one database to another easily.

database maintenance

Our proficient tech stack and database team offer your business 24/7 after-sales support and maintenance, ensuring regular updates and upgrades to prevent errors and ensure quality performance.

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We understand your business needs and can build customized solutions that fit your business.


At F10 Software Solutions, we assist you in planning, developing, and integrating your database to enable easy search and assessment of data across multiple devices. With over 8 years of industry experience in databases, we provide clients with a core set of database development services that meet industry standards. Partnering with Applify also ensures unspoken guarantees contributing to a seamless development process.

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